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One-Stop General Contractor

MS Interiors offer the best general contractors team. With the help of our skilled interior design team, we create the space you’ve always dreamed of.

We're a one-stop general contractor who can oversee and simplify the entire project process. Thanks to our in-house team of design, trade, and project management specialists, we’re able to turns your ideas, designs, and plans into a solid reality beneath your feet. As your general contractor, we work closely with your design team to safely and efficiently execute your plans. With MS Interiors, you’ll get one team who can do it all.

With vast industry experience and an expansive portfolio of work, our aim is to surpass your expectations with a truly superior approach to craftsmanship and customer service.


A Single Point of Contact

Our work involves hiring, supervising, and managing subcontractors as well as our forces. Our general contracting services keep our clients’ goals at the forefront as each piece of the process starts to fit together. Our competence and experience result in projects completed at the highest levels of quality, value, and safety. We are committed to providing you with a truly superior approach to the fnishing and management of your project.


Time-Efficient Service

Hiring a team of professional general contractors significantly speeds up your timeline and maximizes the potential of your schedule. Our far-reaching network of industry connections ensures we curb delays and save time in order to move your project forward ahead of schedule. With acute attention to accuracy and detail, we prioritize time-sensitive projects by optimizing our comprehensive experience, training and industry know-how.


Peace of Mind

Managing the execution of your project encompasses a myriad of responsibilities, from purchasing materials, scheduling inspections and hiring subcontractors all the way to obtaining critical building permits. When you work with a general contractor firm, you have peace of mind in knowing that you are getting turn-key general contractor services from the planning stages all the way to project completion.


Simplify the contracting process with MS Interiors

By hiring a full service general contractor like MSI, you’ll be able to avoid these additional costs since our “subcontractors” are most often full-time BMSI employees. Instead of getting dozens of different quotes from different sources that can slowly creep in cost as the project progresses, our general contractor model will unify all fees under the same budget, overseen by your project manager to ensure there are no nasty surprises along the way.

If you’re looking for a full service general contractor who can manage all the most important aspects of your project without driving up labour, material, or unexpected costs – turn to the team at MSI. We’ll help you navigate every step of the general contracting process and help you create something special.

Helping You Make The Right Decisions

General contractors play an important role in guiding clients through the countless decisions that need to be made during finishing your project. How do you choose the right materials, finishes, adjustments, and a million other considerations without compromising on quality or budget? These questions require serious trade knowledge, and your general contractor will help you arrive at the right answers.

It’s also become common for a general contractor to be involved in the pre-design phase of the project – and that is especially true within MSI’s integrated team delivery model. As a full service general firm, we help provide estimates and assistance with site-planning, which often leads to cost savings and more efficient scheduling. And while most traditional general contractors have to rely on several third-party subcontractors, MSI is largely able to rely on internal teams to complete the job.


Mai Saad Interiors Added Value

Whether renovating carefully-chosen parts of your home or decorating your very first home from scratch, our multi-talented general contractors team offer fully customizable services to build whatever it is you’re envisioning. With vast industry experience and an expansive portfolio of work, our aim is to surpass your expectations with a truly superior approach to craftsmanship and customer service.


MSI prequalifies our subcontractors, trade partners, and suppliers and rigorously evaluates them based on their stability and past performance. This ensures every person on the job site performs up to MSI’s standards of quality.


We maintain positive working relationships with subcontractors and suppliers to ensure smooth project execution, supported by our high ethical standards of treating everyone fairly. Our active approach to teamwork keeps teams accountable for delivering on time and on budget.


We have the experience necessary to efficiently and effectively solve the problems that arise during the process. We also keep an open flow of communication with all stakeholders to ensure project objectives and timelines are being consistently met.