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Matte Black Wall Paint For Your Home?

Black is beautiful and brave, but black in home interiors? Although most of us love the classic colour (especially for our clothes), when it comes to home interiors, most think ...

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The Best Closet Solution For Small Spaces

To some, the best closet solution for small spaces is nothing more than a large box with a shelf and rod with stuff shoved in it. But with good design, planning and finishes, ...

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Balcony Door Design Ideas To Create Interesting Interiors

Balconies are important spaces in any modern apartment. They are your gateway to the outdoors, and the right balcony door design can help you decide how to transform the space ...

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How to Define Your Personal Style in 6 Easy Steps

It can take a lifetime to find your personal interior design style because your aesthetic is a direct reflection of your own personal journey. The good news is that finding your ....

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When You Need An Interior Designer, and How To Choose One

Many people call themselves ‘designers’, and they all could be, but you’ll need to learn a little bit about depth and breadth of skills designers have to make the best choice for your project ...

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5 Steps to Customize Your Interior Wish List

If you’ve ever decorated your home or office, you know your tastes change, the fab becomes drab, and you might get the urge to scrap everything you own and start over. But just as ...

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