Project Management and Planning

We manage your entire project from conception to installation. Working collaboratively with our skilled trades to ensure timelines are met and the process is smooth from start to finish.

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The best surprise?
No surprises.

Escalating costs, schedule delays, and scope creep are just a few of the surprises your projects may encounter. Our job? Seamlessly integrating our business, technical, and project management experts into your team to help you achieve predictable and successful project outcomes. No surprises necessary.

MSI offers start-to-finish project management services for all our clients. We’ll provide you with a single point of contact who can coordinate all phases, teams, maintenance and material planning while working closely with our in-house contracting teams to ensure success for all stakeholders involved in the project.

MSI’s Project Management team represents owners and provides independent project management solutions to public and private sector clients undertaking multi-project capital program or stand-alone, mega-capital projects. Our team specializes in strategy, planning, implementation, management, operational readiness, and control solutions.

MSI Simplifies Project Management For Everyone

Interior Design Project Management is the process of ensuring all aspects of your project are planned for, coordinated and the execution is planned to perfection. Interior Design projects can be complex long-term projects that require a high level of coordination.

At MSI our experience across interior design project management ensures you have a team ready to perform an important role to deliver you a successful and completed project.

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Project Management Process


We ensure your project has a dedicated interior design project manager who will be your contact from the beginning of the project until completion. Your project manager will ensure they understand your requirements in regard to information and detail ensuring they tailor requirements to what you need. Project progress reports and cost reports can all be part of the tailoring to your requirements.

We can support you by representing your interests in the day to day management of your project, coordinating with the project team and contractors. Interior Design Project Managers ensure all your tasks to take your project through to completion are coordinated and completed on time and within budget. We start every project with understanding your needs and requirements, we review the detail and ensure that we execute your project according to your concept and the plans set out for the project. We will endeavour to ensure concepts are delivered and brought to reality.

Interior Design Projects are most effective when managed correctly. We can chair and manage your project meetings ensuring efficient and effective team communication and performance.

Interior design project managers will ensure all pillars to your project being a success are performing to exceptional levels to deliver you a successful completion. Refurbishments require a multiple number of contractors and suppliers and we will manage and coordinate communication between all parties. This will ensure everyone involved in your project will know exactly their role on the project, what we need from them and at what time.


Our Interior Design Project Monitoring services ensures you are fully up to date with which stage your project is at. We can monitor all aspects of your project performance and report to you as frequently as required on progress.

Our pride and expertise in wanting to understand your concept and vision is extremely important so we can advise and offer worthwhile recommendations. Across the lifespan of an interior design project many situations will arise, and we are best placed to tackle these for you.

MSI Project Management Services

We offer a project management service for home renovations and this comes in three levels:

Full Interior Design and Project Management

We project manage large renovations, or just a single room. From the brief, we create concepts and designs, followed by project management of the complete implementation.

Project Management of a Third Party Design

Some clients already have a design but need help to deliver it. We oversee their contractors and trades on site, whilst offering interior design knowledge to help with products and finishes.


If clients prefer to manage their own build to save money, we offer a consultancy service.