Interior Design

Vision and attention to details is what makes the design.

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Design Vision Crafted with Care.

At Mai Saad, we understand the importance of bridging the structure of a building with how it feels and flows from the outside in and inside out. Our Interior Designers don’t take a back seat in this process—they work side-by-side with you to make sure that the overall design vision is accomplished, bringing together style, durability and timelessness. They bring to the table immense care for their craft as well as the people they work with; a strong design vision coupled with the ability to strike the right balance between aesthetic and function.

Why does this matter? Because every phase of a project and every space of a building should seamlessly flow together, so that the end result is exactly what you imagined—or better.

Transformational Design

Once we understand what you want from your space, we’ll work closely with you to determine your aesthetic before shaping the space through floor plans and sketches. From there, our team will produce technical information and computer-generated visuals, bringing your ideas to life in vivid detail. Our meticulous specification for finishes and furniture will help you to imagine how every surface will feel beneath your fingers.

Design that inspires

Crafting Satisfaction


Ensuring you are on the same page with the people you are working with and that you share a similar vision is an essential part of any interior design motif. At Mai Saad we offer in-home and in-office residential consults as a base for any new project. Let our professionals help you create the beautiful, luxurious and functional space that you have always wanted.

What you can expect:
  • Style design requirements and vision outlook.
  • Paint colour & fabric styles communication.
  • Furniture placement breakdown.
  • Collaboration on wall treatments, features other focal points.
  • Flooring options.
  • Staging opportunities.
  • Window treatment ideas and suggestions.

An in-depth and accurate discussion of deliverables. This will naturally include a timeline for the project, questions to determine what design motif, budget and timeline you are looking. Qualifying potential projects will receive a complimentary onsite consultation with Mai Saad, our CEO and Lead designer.

What you can expect:
  • Discussion of deliverables including timeline, intended design style and targeted demographics.
  • Time alloted for photos to be taken of space and/or to overlook blueprints.
  • Furniture placement breakdown.
  • Collaboration on potential layouts, the placement of furniture, and other potential finishes and materials that may suit your vision.
  • Disussion and planning of any unique custom features required.
  • Brief overview of our process, how we work and our team.
  • View various design options and marking down elements that you envision in your space.

We design, build and furnish sales centres, model suites, as well as mid and large scale developments. Our company ensures that we deliver our projects on time, on budget and of course to your specifications.

There are three main reasons developers like to work with us:
  • TIME: We finish projects on schedule.
  • BUDGET: Our projects are completed on budget.
  • DESIGN: Our designs are proven to sell quickly and at top market value.

Contact Mai Saad today for information and to speak to one of our lead designers.